Wireless monitoring

Iper ammortamento e super ammortamento

The Wireless Monitoring Systems of Comai Torino Srl are suitable tools for monitoring temperature, energy consumption, operating status of refrigeration units, and many other parameters.

Temperature traceability, humidity control, daytime monitoring and heating / air conditioning operation are just a few examples of what can be achieved with Comai wireless systems.

The system is versatile and depending on the customer’s need are offered different sensors. For example, for HACCP controls, we propose temperature / humidity sensors, plant status sensors, indoor / outdoor temperature, etc.

Normally, the system saves 10-15% annually!

In addition, the Italian Stability Law 2017 encourages Italian companies to invest in innovation, thanks to an over-amortization of 250% on equipment and equipment for Industry 4.0, so as to encourage technological transformation processes.

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