Sale of weather stations and sensors

Stazioni meteo

Comai Torino offers a range of control stations and weather stations, including wireless, wired and wireless sensors, transducers, data loggers for the most varied uses and needs.

A meteorological station consists mainly of:

  • Thermometer for temperature measurement;
  • Barometer for measuring atmospheric pressure;
  • Hygrometer for measuring atmospheric humidity (often used in combination with a temperature sensor);
  • Anemometer to measure wind speed;
  • Windmill to measure wind direction (there are also directional sensors and combined wind speeds);
  • Flowmeter to measure the amount of rain falling.
  • The same sensors also have different output types: 0-2V, 4-20mA, RS485 ModBUS.

The weather station configuration can also provide other sensors (digital, analog, state, etc.) and with the possibility of connection to a wide range of other devices, including:

  • Solarimeter or more precisely the piranometer for measuring the intensity of incoming solar radiation
  • Ultraviolet light sensors
  • Foliar wetting sensor
  • Ground moisture sensor by probe
  • Ground temperature sensors

The weather stations Comai Torino have different programming options and can be powered by solar panel (PS) or 220Vac.

Data communication is generally done via GSM / GPRS modem, radio or LAN.

Flexibility, ease of operation and maintenance, combined with their programmability, make our stations economical and reliable even in difficult environments.

We offer different types of stations and sensors so as to offer our customers the widest possible choice. Take a look at our catalog in the sensors and stations weather section. Download technical data sheets for more information on our weather and all other products!

Contact us for any information and needs and we can recommend the weather station (including accessories) and / or the datalogger (and sensors) most suitable for your field of interest.


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