Wireless and control networks for environmental monitoring

Wireless Sensors, wireless data logger and control networks for monitoring and environmental control, energy, museum, food processing and structural

Wireless and control networks: Full range wireless sensor, wireless dataloggers, routers, gateways with customized solutions for multiple applications. Installation and assistance with qualified personnel.

Solutions for temperature control by HACCP, GMP CFR 21-11 for pharmacies, restaurants, ice cream etc.

wireless sensors, data loggers and wireless (and wired) for detecting

  • temperature (internal and external)
  • external temperature to measure Degrees Day
  • temperature and humidity (internal and external)
  • wall surface temperature (internal and external)
  • temperature water in contact and immersion
  • linear and structural lesions deformations
  • inclination (external and internal) with inclinometer
  • CO2 (internal and external)
  • illuminance (internal and external)
  • energy consumption (thermal and electrical)

and also universal inputs 0-10V, 4-20mA and pulse counter inputs. The system also includes routers for signal repetition and routing communication gateways and on DSG (Data Storage Gateway) to interface with the web access via LAN, WiFi or GSM call.

System features: data collection in local automatic backup or remote, long battery life (typical 5 years), up to 4-channel datalogger, setting possibilities of Warnings and alarms by sending the alert via SMS and / or e-mail, possibility of internet browser through online monitoring for the accurate verification of any reports of malfunctions, export data in CSV format.

Below all of our wireless products for the implementation of control networks.

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