Weather & Sensors

The weather stations and sensors are designed and manufactured to guarantee the standard of the product.

The data logger / data loggers for environmental monitoring and weather are suitable for any type of monitoring and remote control system. They can interface with a large number of sensing devices and actuators, manage the data acquired in the manner required, store them and send them via the most disparate data communications systems, to one or more recipients (data processing centers, personnel available for emergency interventions , etc.) for subsequent treatments.

Based on the same design choices but very different from each other, from cheapest to most complex, the datalogger COMAI may be employed in any system where the acquisition, processing / storage and transmission of data are needed. The various potentials and the characteristics differentiate them in relation to the system requirements.

The characteristics common to all sensors are:

  • Compliance with the standard WMO (World Meteorological Organization).
  • Body made of sturdy material and resistant to atmospheric agents such as ABS and / or Aluminum
  • Compliance to the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2008/104 / EC)

They are available in versions with outputs normalized Natural, 4 to 20mA, 0 ÷ 2V and / or RS485 compatible with the majority of capture devices on the market.

Additional facilities include wireless sensors that allow easier installation and without the need for cables.

Each station is therefore configurable according to the requirements with digital sensors, analog, status, etc, and with the possibility of connection with a wide range of other equipment.
Similarly to the unit can be connected to different data transmission systems (modems, GPRS radio, ethernet and others) and the power supply network can be, with solar panels, battery.
The flexibility of the weather station Comai and ease of management and maintenance of the same, coupled with their programmability, make it even in difficult economic environments and reliable.

Data can be collected on the customer’s computer, or they can be managed directly from Comai through SMIT Dataservice system that makes it possible to query the web via a simple browser, as well as the analysis and reporting of reports also in correlation with the data detected by other systems.