Data logger

Data logger for storage and data transmission

Our dataloggers are local management unit for environmental monitoring and weather-climate stations can be directly interfaced to weather sensors, analyzers, chemical and physical sensors, actuators, etc …
They are designed to meet the various needs of acquisition, processing and transmission of data, from the simplest to the individual stations, to more complex for various networks of stations typically operated by remote control centers.
The chosen constructive criteria allow considerable application possibilities both in terms of simplicity of use and configurability, both in terms of versatility and future expandability.

Data logger DA15K

The microacquisitore DA15K allows the display of date and time display, instantaneous data and average data processed type, minimum, maximum, data memory status, connection status, general condition and operating system diagnostics.

The unit performs:

the pretreatment of the data, namely the validation of the data by checking the plausibility of the measurement
and the processing of data: corrective formulas, algorithms, application of prediction models, etc ….
The DA15K acquires the instantaneous values ​​of the measured quantities and stores them in a temporary archive. At the expiration of a time base set, the set of stored values ​​is processed to calculate the required statistical processing. For each measure it is possible to define the sequence of acquisition and the recording interval. The main statistical parameters are:

  • measuring instantaneous
  • arithmetic average
  • accumulation
  • period
  • integrated
  • mean vector
  • trigonometric average

The storage is carried out safely on areas where more distinctly instantaneous data are stored, statistical and alarms; the data can be recorded on a removable memory module. The memory management both in linear mode (progressive filling up to saturation of the expected memory), both in circular mode (if it has been saturated all available memory provided, the memory is updated with the latest recordings).

The data transmission can be done by: a modem, phone, radio, satellite, via serial cable RS232, RS485, USB, or mixed connection. It ‘also possible to send data such as SMS, e-mail, fax. The communication protocols used are TCPIP, FTP, SMTP, MODBUS and MODBUS-TCPIP, Store & Forward with CRC MOD16 control.

Data logger DA3000

The data logger DA3000 is instead optimized for situations where it is necessary to pay attention to autonomy and low power consumption. The control of the device is in fact entrusted to a 16-bit microcontroller with low consumption and voltage (3Vdc) that, joined to the usage technique in subclock in moments of stand-by, ensures a low power consumption and long battery life with two alkaline batteries 1.5 V.

The datalogger DA3000 DA3010 is marketed in versions with RS232 interface for direct connection or via GSM / GPRS and SD slot for storage of data. The combined indifferently allows the power supply to 3 or 12 Vdc. The datalogger is internally provided with a battery monitor for use with photovoltaic panels or 12Vdc power supply from the mains and rechargeable batteries buffer from external 12Vdc.

The datalogger DA3000 can be used both as a standard weather station for acquisition systems with very low consumption with long periods of isolation without the aid of external power supply systems such as photovoltaic panels, wind power generators or electric network. The monitoring of glaciers, forests, or waterways in particularly deep valleys are the environments where the DA3000 presents the major advantages resulting from the very low power consumption, while still allowing access remotely thanks to an optimized management of radio modems or GSM-GPRS interfaces ( 12 Vdc power supply). The SD interface allows storage of several years of data.

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