Indoor sanitizer device

We have equipped ourselves to help you dealing with the health threat the world is experiencing because of COVID-19.

We offer AIR FOG, a powerful and effective sanitizer for indoor environments that guarantees high-level disinfection.
Definitely compact, robust and easily transportable, it is perfect for

  • hospital wards
  • Workshops
  • stores
  • industrial production departments
  • Offices
  • NBCR and fire fighters

It is equipped with remote control to guarantee maximum operational safety, even in the case of use of aggressive disinfectants.
It gives the possibility to choose the ideal type of disinfectant according to the situation. It is suitable for most microorganisms (viruses and bacteria).

AIR FOG offers high standards of biological efficacy, thanks to an optimized micro-atomization technology compared to most of the instruments in circulation, whereby the aerosol particles deliver reach any free surface and serve to remain in the air for much longer.

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