Reliable high-resolution weather forecast and alerts

Our system of weather forecasts and alerts:

Comai Torino provides Meteosmit, a weather forecasting system and alerts High accurate and reliable resolution. The weather alerts are customizable. Weather forecast and alerts are evaluated on a high-resolution grid equal to 4km. We provide forecasts to 72 hours (or more) on the whole Italian territory, with updates every 12 hours. The forecast data are provided by

The prediction service and weather warnings allows you to:

  • define the points of interest
  • Define the alert conditions that will be communicated via email, SMS, telegram or Facebook Messenger
  • Receiving the alert when the forecasts indicate that the entered conditions may occur in the subsequent 72 hours

Meteosmit warns you in quickly and easily on the meteorological events that are you interested in up to 50 climatological variables (temperature, wind, rain, visibility ….). The forecast will be exactly calibrated to the point that you indicated and sent in your chosen mode (email, sms, telegram, facebook messenger).

Meteosmit help you to make decisions in your business or even just for your leisure.

Additional information and costs

The service is free only one point and only one weather variable, but it is cheap even for complex conditions involving more variables to define the event. With a subscription at a reduced cost, you will have a complete and effective service. For further information or suggestions:

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