Wireless Monitoring for HACCP

We offer you the right tools for wireless monitoring for HACCP. We provide HACCP wireless data loggers and recorders for temperature, humidity and network presence (power supply). Everything is wireless and without the need for cable and cable laying. The low cost combined with reliability makes the system ideal for meeting the monitoring and documentation requirements of HACCP.

Our dataloggers and wireless probes are able to monitor the temperature and other parameters in a non-invasive manner in a stand-alone, accurate and reliable manner. This is compatible with the GXP and CFR 21-11 prescriptions.

In addition to recording the measurements, the system is able to send alerts to staff if the alarm thresholds are exceeded.

Alerts can be sent for example:

When the limit temperature is exceeded in a refrigerator
Due to lack of power, etc …
You can receive alerts by sound alarm on PC, email, SMS, Telegram messenger or Facebook Messenger.

Measured measurements are always available on PC or Internet on Tablet and Smartphone.


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