Rain monitoring and alerting

B-Fly-P is a monitoring and rainfall monitoring system that can transmit precipitation data over GPRS to a secure internet area (FTP area) and to send real-time SMS alarms to personnel who can be found.

How it works

B-Fly-P has a logic of operation managed by a microprocessor that allows to configure both the storage cadence (5-10-15-30-60 ‘) and data transmission and the alarm threshold expressed in mm of Rain In the storage period you chose. When the set threshold is exceeded, B-fly-P sends an SMS to the available personnel and at the same time increases the data storage (rainfall rate) to 1 minute, so that the precipitation event can be analyzed especially during Your most critical phases. This results in a REIN RAIN RATE (unexpected) with an almost “instantaneous” rainfall measurement that allows you to take more effective action to alert the people.

The alarm threshold and the rainfall can be reprogrammed, even remotely, to obtain a more accurate characterization of the microclimate conditions of the site; In fact, more and more often there is a strong intensity of rain, nowadays sadly known by the terms of water bombs, which require frequent adjustments of the rain alarm thresholds.


  • Low power consumption
  • Compact and low-impact
  • High precision and measurement resolution
  • Easily installable and reprogrammable at a distance
  • Reliability in time and minimum maintenance required
  • Fully Italian technology


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