Simulations of odorous dispersions into the atmosphere

The simulations of odorous dispersions occur in the atmosphere by means of the modeling of air emissions punctiform, linear or areal of industrial facilities or landfills. The definition of emission plume is simulated in various weather conditions. The surveys are designed to determine the weather conditions prevailing in the area and to define the conditions of influence of emissions (odorous or otherwise polluting) the surrounding territory through simulations with a diffusion model (ISC-AERMOD or other) in view of the hilly terrain.

Having acquired the local weather data if available, or calculated from nearby stations if unavailable, defines the classes of speed and wind direction and other weather conditions in the area useful for further processing. On the basis of the definitions of the classes and “sensitive receptors” we are calculated by modeling the dispersions in the plant atmosphere – though the source – and its plumes both as average values (based on annual or period) of each quadrant of interest.


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