Monitoring odors with dynamic mapping of the dispersions

Odors monitoring with dynamic mapping of the dispersions is possible thanks to a set of “Olfosense network”. To monitor the impact of the dispersions of a reality that occupies a large territorial portion, such as a landfill, the OlfoSense system involves the placement of individual positioned along the perimeter of it and the data detection stations collected are sent via GPRS or Lan systems to a control unit.

You can also view measurement data, set alarm thresholds and receive alerts.

The same approach is applied in the control of any composting plant, anaerobic digestion plants, chemical / petrochemical plants, and other productive situations where it is necessary to possess a control monitoring and measurement of odorous dispersions 24 hours on 24.

The aim of the Olfosense network is to provide an environmental watchdog to protect citizens, allow the plant operator to know in real time the impact caused on the territory; Moreover, the bodies of control can be updated in real time on the environmental situation and may be able to intervene immediately in case of alarm thresholds are exceeded. It ‘important to note that on emissions ascertained or presumed toxicity is not allowed to run the dynamic olfactometry UNI EN13725 test (see Odori lines of the Lombardy Region Guide): the use of OlfoSense provides the same result, 24 hours a day, and without endangering the health of the rhino-analysts.

Among the many problems that occur in large cities, one of the most important is the production of gaseous pollutants caused by car exhaust and other multiple realities often present in urban environments.
Monitor the urban air with OlfoSense then it means to have under control the analytical and sensory fundamental parameters that impact negatively on the quality of citizens’ life.
For all applications, the “OlfoSense monitoring” network can be interconnected to a weather station in order to play in the proper order registered odorous events.

The data transfer can take place via GPRS or LAN. All data is available on a personal computer via the OlfoClient web platform, software that has a simple and straightforward interface, with charts and tables dedicated to the measurement results.

Thanks to the remote control, it is possible to set threshold values ​​for each module and for all units that make up the network; in case of exceeding the thresholds set by the operator, send a OlfoSense to manage the alarm system and / or to the responsible control authorities.

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