Monitoring and warning of forest fires

B-fLY-f is a multi-parameter wireless sensor for forest monitoring and forest fire alert. The sensor can transmit data over GPRS to a secure internet area (FTP area) and send real-time SMS alarms to the personnel available.

The macro-descriptor climatic parameters of a fire that are monitored by B-fly-F are typically the temperature and humidity of the air, carbon dioxide (CO 2) and ozone (O 3). The device also has a high versatility of connection of many transducers for environmental and industrial monitoring, making it extremely adaptable to any telemetry application.

How it works

B-fly-F features a logic of operation managed by a microprocessor that allows to configure:

  • The storage cadence (5-10-15-30-60 ‘) and data transmission
  • The alarm thresholds for all connected measurements

When one of the thresholds is exceeded, an SMS is sent to the available personnel and at the same time the data rate and data rate is increased to 1 minute. In this way, the event can be analyzed especially during its most critical phases. More effective and rapid action may be taken of any action by firefighters and people alerting. In addition, the alarm thresholds and the “rate” for storing and transmitting data can be reprogrammed. Reprogramming can also be carried out remotely to obtain a more accurate characterization of the microclimate conditions of the site.


  • Low power consumption, compact and low-impact
  • Data transmission and alarms released by proprietary communication protocol with standard text data (CSV format)
  • Easily installable and reprogrammable at a distance
  • Reliability in time and minimum maintenance required
  • Fully Italian technology

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