Environmental monitoring of landfills and industrial sites (SMIT Environment)

What is SMIT Environment?

SMIT Environment is a specific application for the management of monitoring networks, landfills and industrial sites. Smit Ambiente is in line with the new legislation on matters that regulates, among other things, data management, the transmission of the data to the tutoring authority and other obligations connected with the operator. The application also provides a number of features that allow you to manage landfill flows streamlined, simple and inexpensive. Smit Environment facilitates monitoring activity and improves response speed in situations requiring intervention.

Features of SMIT Environment

Smit Environment works on the web and is compatible with all the most common internet browsers and the main features are:

  • Use a user administration tool that can modify individual user access rights in a precise and defined manner that can be modified according to operational requirements.
  • Manage database reading data in a simple and clear way and supported by graphs and tables that facilitate reading and interpreting.
  • Allow database querying in the form of predefined and spatial query (GIS) queries.
  • Acquire data as an automatic update from existing databases or probe systems, and by manual insertion by internal operators from external operators (analytical laboratories or external consultants) by minimizing data entry intervention.
  • Provide all control data by activating the alarm system if the same data is out of range or repetitive. Permit validation by those who are authorized.
  • Transfer the information to the Control Entities in the mode requested by the Control Body itself
  • Create a history log of events that can test all events that have occurred in the management
    GEOTERMIA (geothermal monitoring and monitoring) has the SMIT Ambiente Geo control system that allows full control of geothermal installations both from the point of view of technical management and the management of the bureaucratic requirements associated with the requirements of the Control Entities.

The Geothermal Module has been developed to allow complete control of geothermal installations both from the point of view of technical management and the management of bureaucratic requirements related to the requirements of the Control Entities.
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