Environmental monitoring

Odori naso

Odors monitoring and dispersions simulation

Dynamic Olfactometry and controls. Simulations of dispersion continuously.

Impianti F-gas controllo remoto e in continuo delle anomalie, Cella frigo

F-gas plants and continuous remote control of the anomalies

F-Gas plants continuous remote control of the anomalies, representations and history log.

Geothermal plants Monitoring

The SMIT Environment Geo control system allows complete control and monitoring of geothermal plants.

Monitoraggio e allerta pioggia

Rain monitoring and alerting

B-Fly-P is a monitoring system and rain alert able to transmit data via GPRS precipitation in a protected internet (FTP area) and send in real time any SMS alerts to personnel on call.

Monitoraggio e allerta incendi boschivi

Forest fire monitoring & warning

B-fly line monitoring sensors allows the act to the prevention of forest fires.

Wireless HACCP

Wireless monitoring for HACCP

Wireless monitoring for HACCP

Smit Ambiente Logo

Smit Environment

Web GIS platform for monitoring of landfills, industrial facilities and sanitation.