Wind power forecasting

What we offer

The forecast of wind power delivered today, tomorrow and to 72h is possible with our Meteosmit system specific for wind power system.
The system is based on high-resolution weather forecasts from the EPSON Meteo Center. The forecast is specifically reworked and made useful to provide plant prediction data.

How the forecast is made?

The system uses models based on plant data and calculates production expected in 24/48/72 hours. In addition, self-learning algorithms are used, and forecast errors are reduced progressively. The weather forecasts are updated every 12 hours to correct any errors caused by sudden changes in the weather situation.

The integration with existing plant systems is also possible with the supply of weather data processed by the Meteosmit system, high resolution mesh and updates every 12 hours and throughout the Italian territory. In the presence of an anemological control unit, the data can be calibrated appropriately to improve join with the local microclimate and make it useful also for the existing control systems.
Data can be provided with standard or specific communication protocols, via mail, FTP or via WEB and at a limited cost.
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