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Smells are the major source of litigation between companies and individuals!

The experience gained over the years has allowed the choice of odor and dust instrumentation to monitor dispersion with the highest, complete and reliable instrumentation that can stand alone or on the network and with high-tech features at cost accessible.

The stations and monitoring tools and the quality of the air are the result of a major field of research and experimentation on the field.


  • Particulates – PM x: for continuous measurement of PM10, PM2.5, PM1
  • Smells – Olfosense: For continuous smells in UO
  • Smells – Olfosense plus: For continuous measurement of odors in UO, VOC, NH3, H2S
  • Smells – PEN3: for measuring and recognizing odors
  • Particulates + odors: combined stations for the monitoring of fine particulates and smells

All stations can be combined with METEO instrumentation (wind direction and speed, temperature, humidity, solar radiation, precipitation, atmospheric pressure) for capturing the weather parameters needed to define the scenario where the measurements are made.

The PM x PM station also has the ability to integrate sensors to measure:

  • CO – Carbon monoxide
  • GPL
  • Hydrogen
  • Ammonia
  • Gas vapors
  • Alcohol
  • Ethanol
  • Chlorine
  • Sulphurous hydrogen
  • F-Gas (for refrigeration systems)



  • Sampling and Dynamic Olfattometry according to UNI EN 13725
  • Monitoring of odorous emissions
  • Checking efficiency of abatement systems (eg biofilters)

Smells and dusts:

  • Dispersion simulations on the territory for environmental impact assessment
  • Smit-OLFO: Real-time and continuous simulations of dispersion phenomena
  • Absorbing thresholds of odors and dusts to control activity at risk

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